Postgraduate Research

Websites used by current MIRIAD postgraduates for their own research purposes hosted on the MIRIAD Web hosting or WordPress network.

Sara Kristina Davies – Holding Home

Examining diasporic touch through art practice

Richard Halliday – Ph.D. Journal

Paul Proctor – Ph.D. Journal

Lin Charlston – Grow Make Read

Joseph Travis – MIRIAD Research Blog

Gary Spicer – Happening of Drawing

Why do I keep going back to sites of Holocaust memory and how can I use drawing as a tool to excavate a past personally unlived?

Alex Pearl – Breakdown

Writing Matters ’15

A Collective Blog for the Writing Matters 2015-16 Group This is a two – term course.  The autumn term (October – December 2014) is taught by Dr Myna Trustram, the spring term (Jan – March 2015) by Dr Amanda Ravetz.

John Merrill – Portrait as Landscape

My research concerns a myth. The myth that good photographic portraits reveal “hidden depths” when, in truth, they reveal only surface.

Gemma Meek – Socially Engaged Book Art

To construct a critical framework in which to read socially engaged book art, with reference to selected case studies, through the mapping of connections between production methods, themes and book forms.

Gary Bratchford

AHRC funded Visual Culture PhD candidate and collector of lovely, lovely vinyl…

Lewis Sykes

A private WordPress site on the network, accessible only by my supervisory team, to act as a ‘Thesis in Progress’. The public ‘About’ page outlines my rationale.

Hannah Elizabeth Allan

Practice will be documented through an on-line journal (consisting of images, text, references) becoming itself a piece of work, regularly updated as a methodological approach, providing an instant reflection of the work. A research website exists as a more developed